Welcome to the the Krakken's Lair. Look upon my works ye mighty and Despair!

Or don't, after all we are for fun aren't we? Anyways this is my Contact page -so if you wish to talk to me simply reply to me below.

Now some facts about me, for those of you interested. My name is Jordan, though if you prefer Krakken over here that's fine with me. I'm a university student, newbie Otaku and gamer. My main consoles are Nintendo (mobile and console), along with some pc gaming.

If you want to find me online gaming (not that I play online that often: My nintendo Network ID is krakkenunleashed, my 3DS friend code is: 2019-9660-2254, and I am Krakken_Unleashed on Steam.

But yeah if you need anything, or want to ask anything at all, feel free to do so. I also have a Krakken_Unleashed skype if you'd prefer to contact me there...


So please enjoy yourselves while you're here... not that you will likely survive long...